Magic Milk

Ziad Seger from Sir Joseph Banks High Interviews his best friend Ashiq Bilal

Sometimes, your best friends are the only ones you want to plan your future around. For Ashiq, he doesn’t shy from the love he shares for his closest mates, and has a strange affiliation with drinking ‘potions’, and drawing strength from cups of milk! Happiness, it seems, can come from the simplest of pleasures.


What is your name?

My name is Ashiq Bilal

Where were you born?

I was born in my country Bangladesh, 2002

Describe a sensory memory from your childhood?

My favourite curry was beef, meat balls, pizza and some soups, and my happiest thing in the world was to drink some potions!

Does it feel like home?

Yes it does!

What dreams do you have for your future? What dreams did you have for you future when you were young?

My favourite dream was to dream about my BFFS, BFFS, BFFS [Best Friends Forever]!

What does strength mean to you?

I'll show you my strength. It means you can drink some milk, maybe sometimes a little bit more potion, and you know what will happen; you will be happy.

What does freedom mean to you?

You feel everything you do, you feel everything. Yes, that’s it.

Edits by Naveen Krishnasamy

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