Eleven and twelve-year-old boys at Bankstown Public School are putting a fresh spin on anti-domestic violence messages as they take part in rap music workshops. The two-month long school program that is being run by Craig Taunton, a musician and youth worker at Bankstown Youth Development Services (BYDS), uses rap and other forms of music to engage young boys in anti domestic violence messages. The boys have recorded a rap song called, “We All Say No”.

The boys performed the rap as part of White Ribbon Day, November 25. White Ribbon is Australia’s only national, male-led campaign to end male violence against women. The campaign originated in Canada and is now active in 60 countries and prevents violence by raising awareness raising and education, and initiates programs with youth, in schools and workplaces and also across wider the community. It is part of a wider global movement to encourage men to speak out against issues of gender violence and discrimination.

Males aged between 10 and 24 make up 82 percent of domestic violence offenders, according to the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR). The highest instances of domestic violence in New South Wales are recorded in Sydney's western suburbs and Bankstown is rated as the sixth-highest area with an incident increase of 20.8 percent in the past year, BOCSAR found. A new song will be performed as part of this year’s White Ribbon day celebrations.

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