Photos by Bill Reda

Bankstown's Aboriginal andf Torres Strait Islander population is small, officially numbering just over 1300 according to the most recent 2011 Census, but initiatives to connect young Indigenous people are growing and consolidating the community.

Since 2005, the Koori Youth Forum has been one of the major events in Bankstown’s Indigenous calendar, where the Indigenous young people from the Bankstown and surrounding regions are invited for a day of activities, learning and fun – all based around Aboriginal arts and cultural content.

The 2014 the forum brought forty Aboriginal students, aged from 9-17 to the Bankstown Arts Centre to celebrate Indigenous culture. Leading Aboriginal professionals facilitated the activities, including traditional Darug language, art, dance, and music.

Bankstown LGA has approximately 164 different language groups, and these are the regions First People. It is a growing initiative that aims to invigorate Aboriginal identity and keep traditions alive with a contemporary feel.

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